About us

When Akreum was founded in 1977, it was the beginning of a long journey with a clear goal: to create a modern, successful and sustainable company that is also distinguished by a keen sense of the spirit of the times.

By always going their own way, with a constant willingness to change, a thinking in generations committed to sustainability, and diverse know-how, the family created relevant opportunities, which they continue to use successfully to this day. In this way, she keeps her course in the midst of changing trends and always has one goal in mind: to advance her customers.

In the beginning, there was a willingness to engage in companies that possessed their own expertise in the field of precision mechanics and the watch industry. As time went on, Akreum SA’s competence and network expanded, along with its portfolio of direct investments. To ensure optimal transparency and compliance with all legal requirements, around the turn of the millennium, the decision was made to separate the various business areas through spin-offs.

In 2016, the founding of Wealthyard Group SA completed the transformation phase. Today, it takes all strategic decisions, cultivates corporate governance and unites the Group companies to form a stable, forward-looking fourth-generation company.

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