Certification / Accreditation

The Group and its companies are comprehensively certified in their respective industries. Compliance with legal and ethical requirements is a major concern of the Group.

Below is an overview of the various certifications:

RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council)

The Wealthyard Group, including its Group companies, has been a member of RJC since 2014. This means that it is regularly audited by an independent auditor in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices. This code sets international standards for business processes, human & labour rights, environmental protection and many other important issues - in the entire value chain of diamonds, precious metals and jewellery trading. Without this membership, it is difficult to do business in the luxury goods industry today.

Gemological Institute of America

Authenticity, transparency and expertise, are for us, the basis of every trade, therefore including the 5th C - Certification. All of our investment diamonds are certified by the GIA. The Gemmological Institute of America has been specializing in the certification of diamonds since 1931 and protects the gemstone trade as an independent, non-profit organization. For each investment diamond that passes through our hands, you receive a GIA certificate that reliably and internationally acknowledges the quality and value of your diamond.

KPC (Kimberley Process) SECO, BLESQ

All our rough diamonds are imported into Switzerland exclusively as part of the Kimberley Process. Imports into Switzerland are not possible without prior registration and declaration of origin or approval by SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). This strict procedure is intended to prevent the import of diamonds of unknown origin.

Demeter (Mediterre)

The authoritative certification for biodynamic agriculture. Some of the Mediterranean products are Demeter certified.

CH-Bio / EU-Bio (Mediterre)

Numerous Mediterranean products are certified organic. The organic seal is a high-quality quality and test seal with which products are distinguished, which originate from an ecological cultivation. The monitoring of compliance with all organic criteria is very strict.

Vegan (Mediterre)

Most of our Mediterre products are vegan or vegetarian.

IGP / PGI (Mediterre)

Whenever possible, we have our products IGP or PGI certified. This means that we not only send clear communication to consumers, but above all we stand up for the diversification of agricultural production and promote the uniform protective framework of geographical names for all countries in the Community. We do this to reduce counterfeiting and deception.

SRO-Polyreg (Wealthyard Capital Ltd)

Wealthyard Capital is a member of PolyReg, a self-regulatory organisation recognised by the Swiss Confederation pursuant to Art. 24 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

The SRO performs its important supervisory and supervisory duties and is subject to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).