Real Estate

Suis’state Ltd

Suis'state is a Swiss-based service contractor specialized on building and renovating, sales, lettings and property management. It was created from the life-long experience of a very close group of experts who started collaborating over 30 years ago in the field of lands, properties and architectural design.

Architerra SA

Complemented by the expertise of its Parent Company Suis'state Ltd (www.suisstate.com), Architerra SA tackles and fulfills the particular requirements and procedures bound to local real-estate transactions within the European market pool with an exclusive "Swiss approach".

Silkstone SA

Silkstone SA is active in the fields of searching, developing and conducting sustainable investments throughout Europe. Therefore, a large network of specialists is available to work out a global and broadly diversified portfolio.

Wealthyard Management SA

Wealthyard Management SA is the financing company within the group. It invests in yield-producing properties for the purpose of sustainability.