Corporate Governance

For the Wealthyard Group, corporate governance means the transparent, responsible and targeted implementation of international and national rules and regulations as well as its own values and principles.

The Wealthyard Group aims to build and maintain partnerships at all levels. In doing so, it wants to preserve, increase and pass on assets – and thus serve the real economy.

To ensure full compliance, all processes are defined. In addition, the financial statements of the Group and its companies will be audited by Grant Thornton Bank Audit Ltd.

The principles of the Wealthyard Group include independence, long-term thinking, shareholder culture, confidentiality, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. The management and employees of the Wealthyard Group identify with the defined corporate governance principles in the performance of their duties.

Alexander Künzi

Executive Chairman

Alexander Kuenzi began his career with a degree in Business Administration, gaining his professional experience in leading luxury goods groups and an EMBA degree in 2003. Today he is an entrepreneur who has successfully worked as CEO and consultant in the luxury goods industry, in mechanical engineering and in the consumer goods industry. With his extensive experience, his know-how and his pragmatic, implementation- and result-oriented management style, he is predestined in particular for managing companies in growth, consolidation and turnaround phases. Since 2004, Alexander Kuenzi has been CEO of Akreum SA, a subsidiary of the Wealthyard Group, and Chairman of the group's Board.
Mail akuenzi@wealthyard.com

Valerie Künzi

Deputy Chairman

Valerie Kuenzi launched her career in the luxury hotel and luxury goods industry, where she held various positions. After exciting experiences, she changed the industry and joined Akreum SA in 2010. Parallel to her work in the family business, she completed further training in the fields of law and taxation. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Today, Valerie Kuenzi has in-depth knowledge of processes in law, compliance and finance, in treasury and in key account management. In addition, she holds several mandates as a member of the board for medium-sized companies, for which she is responsible in particular for strategic planning and controlling.
Mail vskuenzi@wealthyard.com