Luxury Goods

Investment Grade Diamonds

Blesq Diamonds is renowned for its expertise in the trading and processing of diamonds. Blesq Diamonds sets the highest quality standards. This means that only the finest stones are used, all of which come from a certified quarry and were traded fairly.

Blesq Bespoke

Blesq's Bespoke Service designs a masterpiece entirely to your own specifications. This means that our highly qualified in-house designers create the jewel exclusively for you. The possibilities are great - so among many other things, we can also set the investment grade diamond.

Blesq Jewellery

In addition to diamonds, Blesq specializes in the creation and trade of exceptional goldsmith's and watchmaker's works of art. So this luxury brand stands not only for tradition and timeless elegance, but also for the highest level of innovation and distinctive individuality.